Meet, Greet and Learn

After some gruelling weeks of school, I decided to do some non-academic things. I socialized over the weekend, went to a Heidi Rossen style lunch, attended a wonderful presentation by FSG and attended a networking event by Bain/Bridgespan.

All in all, I have been meeting lots of people ,and learned a lot more about consulting. While I was aware about the traditional consulting career options, FSG and Bridgespan opened my eyes to consulting for social impact. Both of the organizations are non profit – 501(c)(3) organizations and work with cases that focus on creating a postive change in the society.

One of the more interesting aspects of going to Haas is that one has the opporuntity to learn more about different career options and choices. Given that we can participate in the On Campus Recruiting (OCR), attending different career events can help one understand the different options and choices available. I have recently started going to different information sessions. Although I may not end up going to one of these companies, meeting new people and, understanding choices better, makes this effort worthwhile.

Cheers … Dutta:)

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