C is for Cookie

While first year weekenders are still enjoying the fresh powder on the slopes and visiting far away places, I concur with Deanne – the first year evening folks are back in the full swing of things.

Before class even began, we received an email from our Operations professor reminding us read the case study about cookie manufacturing for day one of class. To transition from the discussion of the syllabus to the case study, Professor Terry Hendershott showed us a clip of the Cookie Monster himself. Yes, C is for cookie, and if you take a big bite out of a cookie, it really does look a lot like the letter C.

The expectations for finance were similar. Three chapters of reading for the first class and all before we had even returned to Haas. There is no doubt that the semester has started up for the first years.

This weekend is already packed with Haas events. Saturday is the Haas Winter Careerfest – a day of learning how to network, how to brand yourself for the internet, and much more. I expect to see some of the second and third years as well as full timers participate this weekend as well. After the careerfest is the finance discussion session. And then don’t forget Sunday – an all day Statistics workshop to help us brush up in preparation for the many problem sets for ops and finance. It’s one packed weekend.

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