Dinner with Marshall Goldsmith

This semester has started with a bang. I am really excited about both of my electives – Brand Management and Strategy, and Designing Global Organizations. Both classes are featuring a series of industry leaders as guest speakers. Last week, we had the opportunity to hear Debbie Cantu, Vice President, Brand Marketing and Advertising at Kaiser Permanente. She is the architect of the “thrive” campaign .She shared how she has managed to turn around the Kaiser Permanente brand perception by listening to customers perspective and using a data driven approach to measure and tune the campaign.

Apart from the all the excitement in the class, I was also part of the celebration of the 1st aniversary of Peers @ Haas. Peers @ Haas is part of the “Leading through Innovation” initiative. The goal of the program is change a behaviour that will help one be more successful by following the principles outlined by Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall is a executive coach and the author of the bestseller – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful. His techniques are remarkably simple and the program relies on working with a peer to improve the target behavior. I had participated in this program last year, and I feel that I improved significantly. The celebration included a dinner with Marshall – an interesting evening with good food, wine, champagne and lots of remarkable conversations.

I have been having a really great time since MPAR ,and things will take a serious turn shortly. However till the tide changes, I am enjoying as much as I can.

Cheers … Dutta:)

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