The Irony of using a Bid Strategy to bid on Strategy

As Deanne mentioned, bidding finished last week, and it was quite stressful for me. Unlike Deanne, I didn’t get all of the classes I bid for in Bidding Round 1. Worse yet, my second preferred class was filled during Round 1 and I had to go to my third choice class for Bidding Round 2. Here’s how it works:

Incoming second and third years are allotted points. Incoming first years don’t have to worry about a thing because you have core courses that have a designated schedule.

You can bid for up to 7 units of classes in Round 1 and try to get your favorite classes by using a Bid Strategy. The EWMBA Program Staff gives guidance and instruction about bid strategies and the way to make the most of your points a few weeks before Bidding takes place. In the mean time, you spin the wheel of fortune or throw some darts at the electives chart and hope that your class and work schedule coincide such that you get the electives you want.

Any points used in Round 1 that are unsuccessful (meaning that you were outbid) are refunded to you and you try again in Round 2.

Now, I bid on Competitive Strategy and was outbid by 62 of my lucky peers. One of my classmates outbid me by two points and managed to get the class. Clearly, my Bid Strategy was not competitive enough. Doesn’t this seem to indicate that I really need the class more than the folks that got in? Hmmm….the irony of it all….

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