Then and Now

As Tim and Divyang give a glimpse to the life of a first year, I look back with fond memories and a sense of relief that I’ve crossed that bridge. Indeed, it was rough, and it seemed that some of us recovered quickly enough to consider taking summer courses, while others like myself felt like summer could have been just a little longer to aid in the recovery.

So what’s different this year?
– Classes are 15 weeks for the semester as opposed to two 9 week sessions each semester.
– I sleep about 7 hours a night instead of 5 hours.
– On weekends, I’m only in Berkeley about once a month for seminars, whereas last year, I was going to Berkeley at least every Saturday or Sunday for optional discussion sessions (on top of my typical 2 class nights during the work week).
– I walk into a class about 5 minutes before it starts instead of 15 minutes early trying to get “my” seat 🙂

And I’m looking forward to MPAR (Mid-Program Academic Retreat) in January where we’ll be working hard in teams on a business simulation. Unlike the initial retreat that took place before our first year, this time we’ll know a lot more folks and have a chance to enjoy our peers at their best 🙂

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