Power, Influence, Dating

The last few weeks and weekends have felt like a whirlwind. So much has happened.

There was the usual work, sleep, and commute. And on the weekends, I found myself in Berkeley for a plethora of events. I went to the Building Your Brand seminar (Great stuff!) and walked away with a ton of things to do to help manage my brand.

As President of the Evening and Weekend MBA Association (EWMBAA), I, along with my fellow executive team members, hosted the Mid-Year EWMBAA Leadership Meeting (photos here at: http://www.haasewmbaa.com/). The meeting was packed with presentations from the Executive Team, Haas Alumni Network, and EW program office, followed by a breakout session where we ate yummy cake, and then more presentations by each committee to share their upcoming goals and plans for the fall semester.

And then last weekend, while juggling studying for midterms (yes, it’s midterm time already for some of us), I attended another Leadership Development Series seminar. At this point in my time at Haas, I may be trying to soak up everything I can before graduation in May. This is no time for regret – I’m going to make sure I don’t miss anything! This seminar was taught by Professor Cameron Anderson, one of the top professors in the area of Organizational Behavior. Cameron Anderson spoke about Power and Influence and discussed topics about scarcity and reciprocity. When things are scarce, we have a tendency to want it more. One study he mentioned tested toddlers who were given two equally desirable toys. However, once one toy was placed under plexi-glass, that toy became more desirable and these were toddlers who could only crawl – they couldn’t even walk or speak. We had an interactive exercise where we discussed more concepts that affect our influence, and of course, one student asked whether or not these concepts worked outside the work world – specifically when dating. And fortunately for us, many skills are transferable. Indeed, these things do work when it comes to dating.

So for all you single folks out there, remember, business school concepts can be used in multiple facets of your life. Now doesn’t that make it a particularly worthy investment? 🙂

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