The Start of A New Semester

It sounds like Deanne and Tim had awesome trips. I went to Hong Kong and Macau too and stuffed myself silly with tons of good food, but didn’t manage to bump into Tim.

I also finished reading a book during break (something I don’t normally do if it’s not a book listed in my syllabus for the semester) and to get my car tuned up for commuting this semester.

While the first year evening folks have already been in classes for the last few weeks, my first class isn’t until this Thursday. I’ve signed up for Pricing and Entrepreneurship (and yes, reading our blog has made me realize it’s going to be a busy semester). The relaxing part of January is going to be over soon as I start reading case studies again.

Also, as Tim mentioned, we have new executive team members (including our very own Div), so I’m busy planning the upcoming EWMBAA Leadership Appreciation Dinner for last year’s hard working volunteers as well as planning for the transition meeting to hand off everything to the new President. It’s amazing to think how quickly the last year passed by and how many academic, social, and other events have taken place. I will definitely cherish the memories of being part of the EWMBAA leadership team and hope many of you reading this might consider volunteering once you become part of Haas.

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