Light at the end of the tunnel.. and it’s NOT the train!

Not exactly sure how it happened, but I find myself in May, with three weeks of class remaining. The process for bidding for Fall 2010 classes has come and gone, and was actually a rather interesting experience. Being a Cal undergrad, I was expecting something similar to the old “Tele-Bears” phone dial-in system where students used a phone to code in desired classes. Yeah, shows you how long ago I was an undergrad, doesn’t it?

Now, we use a system of point allocation, and I found myself using my years of experience bidding for items on eBay to optimize my point allocation across my classes of interest. It’s actually a fairly equitable system, or perhaps I only think that because I was able to get into the classes that I wanted. Of course, I knew better than to even try for certain classes I knew were going to be popular, such as Prof Ho’s Pricing class and Prof La Blanc’s CFM class.

With bidding now behind us and class schedules set, it’s with a tinge of regret that I see the conclusion of year one fast approaching. I’ll be remaining on the Tuesday/Thursday schedule next fall, a coincidence that the electives I wanted to take happened to fall on these days, I know my fellow Gold cohort members may not be. Hopefully, I’ll still see them on occasion on the days I happen to share class with them, but I that won’t be the case for everyone. I don’t doubt the quality and of the other students I’ll be in class with, and indeed, my fellow non-Gold classmates of 2012 are all great, as are c/o 2011 folks I will share classes with, we have a camaraderie among our cohort that I treasure and will miss.

I certainly feel that our group has coalesced into a tightly bonded group in a way that I did not expect part-time students to. After all, we are all local, have established networks of friends and family, not to mention a full-time job. I did not expect to form such tight friendships with my classmates. Yet only 8 months since orientation, I feel a very tight sense of camaraderie with everyone.

It’s certainly a feeling I hope continues through the remaining time we share here at Haas, and well beyond.

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