Knock Knock…

Who’s there? Joann. Joann Who? Joann Hu! (really, that never gets old)

I’m another one of the new kids on the blog. I’ll piggy-back off of Jennifer’s post and share a little bit about myself. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I currently live and work in San Francisco. My Starbucks drink of choice is a double tall no foam soy latte. I hate parsley and cilantro. I was an undergraduate Haas student. And, as Sonny mentioned in her previous post, I also used to write for The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s independent student newspaper. I was a sports writer and had the opportunity to cover a variety of sports, including men’s soccer, tennis and women’s softball. I even had a chance to interview Natalie Coughlin, the 11-time Olympic medalist, while she swam for Cal. As you can tell, I’m a pretty big Golden Bear sports fan.

Last Saturday, Cal football hosted UCLA for our annual homecoming game. Coincidentally (or not, thanks to the EWMBA program office), the weekend cohorts finished their first session of classes and we were done for the day at noon after our Microeconomics final. How did I celebrate the end of MC=MR and Performance=A*S*E? With a 35-7 win alongside 60,000+ of my closest friends at Memorial Stadium, of course.

My first piece of advice (of many more to come in the future): Attend a Cal football game. It’s an all-around great experience. Even if you’re not a football fan, the Cal Band puts on fantastic half-time performances, such as last week’s “Sounds of Latin Music” and the famous video game show. I believe the athletic department may even offer discounted student tickets (3rd degree price discrimination). If and when you do attend a football game or any other Cal sporting event, I would advise you not to wear anything red, or be prepared to spend the rest of the game shirtless/hat less/sock less.

If you need any other game day fashion advice, I’m here to help. GO BEARS!

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