The third musketeer

You know, for the longest time, I had been living with a deep dark secret. It had been tough dealing with the innumerable life-threatening situations and all those psychotic villains with their clichéd jabs about my get-up. Thanks to the economy, I was behind on my auto and home payments, and not a day went by when the bank forgot to send me a foreclosure notice. Cutting down on my health-food to save money saw me put on a few pounds, and rendered my precious belt completely unusable. Now if you take a look at my car, home and my belt, you’d see how much pain separation from them could cause someone. Even my loyal butler decided to part ways with me. That’s when I decided I needed a new career; being Batman no longer seemed the right fit for me at my point in life. And I knew Haas would be the step towards that. Sorry it had to be this way, Robin – I can write your recommendation though if you too decide to apply to Haas.

Now since you all believe me with all your sincerity, let me introduce the man behind the get-up. The name’s Lohokare, Archit Lohokare (that surely sounded a lot cooler in my head). And what follows next is a copy-paste from my profile. Well, not really.

By day, I am a technical sales consultant in security software for IBM Corporation. After my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from NTU, Singapore, I joined a young Silicon Valley startup, Encentuate, which was acquired by IBM in 2008. At Encentuate, I was fortunate enough to perform diverse roles in engineering, support, professional services and technical sales. I absolutely adore startups and technology, so here’s a big shout-out to all you startuppers out there. I’d love to hear more and write about you and your startup!

Before ending up in Silicon Valley, I’ve lived in several places in India, spent seven years in Singapore, a year in a number of European countries and 2 years in New York City. Besides being a source of some amazing experiences, this nomadic lifestyle has helped me perfect the art of faking stupor and appearing clueless in a new place.

Not to burst your bubble, but I’m not really Batman and I don’t really have a bank breathing down my neck. So let me come clean about my reasons to join the EWMBA program at Haas. To me, Haas is at the epicenter of the unique Silicon Valley technology startups phenomenon. It has a rich history of nurturing entrepreneurship and the philosophy of ‘challenging the status quo’. The versatility and diverse experience of my classmates has only reinforced my idea of what to expect at Haas. And I can’t stop raving about our professors – never have I seen such engaging teaching. I could go on.

So here I am. I am super excited to write about YOUR and my Haas experience over the next couple of years. So feel free to get a hold of me in school or drop me an email. I’m all ears. Cheers!

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