Mythbusters – Haas EWMBA Edition

Mythbusters is an awesome show on the Discovery Channel. The premise of the show focuses on proving and disproving common myths using various scientific methods. After a long unintentional Mythbusters hiatus, I happened to catch an episode yesterday on my plane ride to Taiwan (more about that later). The show got me thinking about frozen newspaper boats (great episode) and the many myths of the Haas EWMBA. I’m not going to lie; I thought I had a good idea of what I was getting myself into when I started this part-time program over three months ago. But, just like the show, some of these myths were ‘busted’, albeit not always in a scientific way. So, I present to you: Mythbusters – Haas EWMBA Edition.

Myth #1:
I was a Haas undergraduate business major. As a Haas EWMBA student, I will be relearning mostly the same things, just with a new set of classmates.
We probably learned 16 weeks of undergraduate microeconomics material in the first class. In financial accounting, most (if not all) of what I learned as an undergraduate isn’t even part of the core curriculum as an EWMBA. It was the pre-course workshop. The learning approach is also quite different. As an undergraduate, it was more about memorization and number crunching, whereas, the current curriculum is catered towards every day management and decision making. And trust me, it’s not any easier the second time around.

Myth #2:
I work in marketing/advertising. Why do I need to know (insert core class)? Can’t I just hire a (insert subject matter expert) if I need one?
The beauty of the part-time program is to be able to apply what you learn in class immediately at work. Just this past week, I referenced every single class I’ve taken thus far. I was on a conference call with a client and was able to explain the budget accrual process and the back-end accounts receivable reversals. Next, in a request to the yield management team for a discount pricing exception, I calculated the opportunity cost as part of my argument for approval (and approval was granted). Lastly, I put together a 90-day plan for management development focusing on early wins and excellence in execution. Instant application is amazing and totally under rated. Meghan, Nancy and Suneel would be so proud!

Myth #3:
It is impossible to take personal vacation during the school year.
As I mentioned earlier, I am currently in Taiwan and will be going to Japan in a couple of days. I’m taking advantage of no classes on Thanksgiving weekend and celebrating turkey festivities with peking duck and sashimi. Some of my fellow classmates are doing the same with trips to Belgium and Hawaii, to name a few. With the ease of emails, conference calls and PDF notes, it’s easy to stay on track with homework and in touch with group members, even if you’re 5000 miles away. Heck, I have classmates who travel to Argentina and China for work during a normal week and they still manage to not miss a beat.

Consider these myths BUSTED.

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