The Home Stretch

The upcoming semester will be my last at Haas. Thus begins the bittersweet moments of near-graduation. It will be sweet to taste the lap of victory and celebrate no more classes, homework or group projects. But, of course, it will be bitter also to think of missing out on hanging with and seeing classmates/friends who’ve shared in the journey.

For second years, now’s the time to really drill down and see what classes you want to take in the upcoming year and a half, if you haven’t already. It really helps to plan accordingly, so that your time here is as productive as possible. The fun times will come with, if you let it.
Admittedly, it’s been a difficult, though incredible, winter break. My wife and I just had our first child over the break period (good timing in student terms? 🙂 ), which comes with so many happy moments, coupled with huge lapses in sleep. It reminds me why we come to business school though: to build upon ourselves and the world around us — whether it be in developing products, people, companies, or economies; all of it relates to simply making a better place that our children and our children’s children will enjoy and cherish. Sure– there will be scandals, crashes, and worse– but hopefully we take away the best of business at Haas and the “good will” personality, emblazoned upon our four principles (one of which is “Beyond Yourself”).
As always, onward… good luck 2nd year’s at MPAR– simulations and partying ahead. I’ll leave my fellow students (and blog readers) with another quote (or rather song lyrics):
Oh, these times are hard
Yeah, they’re making us crazy
Don’t give up on me baby
— For the First Time, The Script

Until the next time,
– Tim

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