SIB – China Video Trip Report

I’ve been asked by several students and potential applicants what international seminars are all about.

Answer: They are an opportunity to have the time of your life!

Allow the SIB-China guys to demonstrate in a fun musical format!

I admit, I’m addicted! I’ve watched the video about 10 times so far and the song has been playing in a loop in the background all morning. The fun is multiplied if you know the guys in the video.

Video Highlights (you won’t know what I’m talking about unless you watch the video):

  • Prof. Schultz’s intro
  • Running man on Great Wall of China
  • Screwing the light bulb
  • Mike Han’s and Andrew Chau’s wicked dance moves
  • The Haas ladies. Such good sports!


PS: SIB stands for seminar in international business, an experiential learning course that allows Haas students to learn about international business focused on a certain country. Haas conducts multiple SIBs throughout the year spanning countries around the world.


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