Back from Abroad!

Alas, my semester abroad in Barcelona has come to an end and after four months, I’m back in the Bay Area.  It was an absolutely amazing few months, one that exceeded my expectations for the trip.  It allowed me the opportunity to travel through Western Europe, though I didn’t get to travel as extensively as I had hoped.  I managed to see much of Spain, France, and northern Italy.  But due to a very busy schedule, I left with a long list of cities still unvisited.

I also met an amazing group of people at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona.  The diversity of students from both a geographic and experience perspective was amazing.  I’m hoping that I get an opportunity to visit my extensive network of friends who are scattered worldwide!

It really was an eye-opening experience for me, especially since I’ve never lived outside of California.  The pace of live is vastly different, not to mention people’s daily schedules with dinner being eaten no earlier than 9pm.  Living without a car for 4 months was also a shock, though it’s easy to forego driving when the city you live in has an amazing subway network and distances to amenities can be measured in blocks instead of miles.

It’s been two weeks since my return and already, my daily life in Barcelona is slowly becoming a distant memory.  It has already started to feel as if I never left.    Still, I’m so glad I made the decision to study abroad, and that my work was able to accommodate my time off.  I’ve certainly created countless memories that will last for a lifetime.

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