Guest Blog: Women’s Entrepreneurship

The following post is from current EWMBA student, Oscia Wilson (EWMBA’13):

The MBA program has not only encouraged me to set ambitious goals, but given me the tools to execute on them.  After taking the core classes our first year, I pulled the trigger on launching my own firm over the summer break.  I wanted to attend some kind of conference or retreat with other female entrepreneurs, to learn the kind of things that you can’t get from school, and also to share in the camaraderie of the community of women who launch companies.  Strangely enough, I looked around and couldn’t find anything for entrepreneurial women that wasn’t tech-related or in a different state.

So obviously I decided to organize one.  The first annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Retreat will take place at the Asilomar conference grounds, March 9-11.  This retreat will be great for women who are already entrepreneurs, who are considering becoming so, or whose positions involve entrepreneurial thinking.  Take three days to get away to a beautiful seaside resort where you can meet other women like yourself, choose from lots of targeted skills workshops, and come away with a peer mentoring group.  Men, what a great gift to give your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day!

There will be workshops in four different areas of study:

– Technical skills [Business formation, accounting and taxes for non-accountants, legal requirement of hiring people, etc]

– Managing people skills [Best practices in hiring and firing, motivating your team, negotiating, etc]

– Holistic approach [Improving health and nutrition to be more effective, the link between generosity and prosperity, transparent business practice,s etc]

– Marketing and differentiation [Growing your client base, using connections effectively, media-based marketing, public speaking, quantifying and articulating your value to the customer, etc]

Amazing things happen when women create a supportive community for each other.  Please attend and spread the word.

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