I’ll Sleep Later

This has been an exciting week for Haas in terms of awards and accolades. Professor Oliver Williamson won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. It’s been 15 years since our last Haas Nobel Prize Winner, so it’s amazing to be here as this is announced. Perhaps the best part is that he gets his own parking spot on the central campus (great perk). NL stands of course, for Nobel Laureate.Then later in the week, the Economist ranked Haas the #1 b-school in North America!

Both of these items are creating wonderful buzz on twitter and facebook as well as other channels, and I’m sure they’re of great interest to the new admits that were at last Saturday’s Diversity Workshop hosted by the Admissions Committee. Two of us from the Evening weekend program, two from the Full-time program, and one from the Berkeley-Columbia Executive program joined together for the student panel and answered some of your most common questions. The day had a full agenda including a case study, our student panel, lunch with current students, an alumni panel, and more. One thing about Haas that is really cool is that the students get involved in giving back to admissions and volunteering in other ways. For those of you interested in going to another workshop, there are two more coming up before the end of the year – the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender workshop and the Women’s Workshop. More details can be found here: http://mba.haas.berkeley.edu/community/diversity_workshops.html and sign up info is located here. You might even see a familiar face/name in the video about the workshops. I can say that I have a new respect for newscasters and other people who need to speak on camera.

In any case, the next few weeks of my life are fairly full. Like Deanne, I feel like I’m running around a lot; though not quite as far reaching as Deanne’s travels, I’ll be traveling a lot throughout the Bay Area and will be in Berkeley at least four times in the upcoming week- thank goodness for my parking pass. The third year is good with more time to go on campus to do some of the things we haven’t had a chance to do, but at the same time, the trade-off is less sleep, but I’ll make it up later – probably during Christmas break.

Orientation – from a 3rd Year’s Perspective

Attending my third orientation (as a new student the first year and as a volunteer in following years) and listening to the buzz, I was reminded of my orientation all over again – the anxieties of the unexpected, the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, the twinge of guilt as you ask someone’s name again because you’ve already forgotten since your head is stuffed with all the new names that you’re learning.
Here are some of the members of the Class of 2012 as they file in to listen to Shantanu Narayen, Haas EWMBA 1993, CEO of Adobe Systems, and the recipient of the 2008 Haas Business Leader award. Shantanu gave a candid perspective of what life has been like for him after Haas and how to make the best of the EWMBA student experience.

The previous night, the first years attended a student life panel where they had the chance to hear from 2nd and 3rd years talk about work-life-school balance, joining clubs, and how to “survive” the first year. Hearing honest accounts of how exhausted we were, but how more than 240 make it through this ordeal every year made for some fun storytelling opportunities. Afterwards, they were welcomed at a reception and had a chance to mingle with one another.

After participating as a volunteer, I’ve come to appreciate the behind the scenes work that goes into making a successful orientation, from staff members like Tim Gaherty, Elisabeth Merkel, and Shelby Chin shown below, to the EWMBA student Admissions Committee, they help make this a fun and spectacular way to begin your time at Haas.

Welcome Class of 2012 – Round 2 Admits

A couple of weeks back, a number of current Haas students eagerly volunteered to welcome Round 2 New Admits. Here we are filling the Bank of America Forum. I remember going to my own reception so long ago – meeting staff members, current students, other new admits and their partners and spouses. Exciting and thrilling times – some have put down their deposit and responded to the welcome letter. Others are still deciding. This year, each new admit was assigned to a student volunteer who sent a welcome email and followed up with a phone call (good work EWMBAA Admissions Committee and volunteers!). Some lucky folks got to link up with the person who had contacted them and ask questions up close and personal.
Here’s a pic of Tim, my fellow blogger, and me getting ready to mingle til we tingle.

Once a Haas student, there is no turning back. You’re Haas for life!

The Big Day

Today is the big day. It’s the decision date for Round 2 Applications. Many of you have probably heard one way or another now whether or not you will be joining the Class of 2012. Some of you may be feeling in limbo since you are still on the waitlist, unsure about your fall plans until you hear back from Admissions.

Congrats go to all of you whom have been accepted! It’s the start of a new beginning for you. Refer to my previous entry about admissions for some tips for the upcoming few weeks.

Like Deanne, I am also about to start summer session – tomorrow marks the beginning of four weeks of class where I’ll be learning how to model financial statements. Since I last wrote, I have slept a lot, recuperated a lot, and enjoyed some merriment. It’s strange to have my evenings back and be able to watch the latest tv episodes and not feel guilty about leaving homework sitting there. I noticed that I can’t quite sit still – I’m eager to start some summer reading – nothing related to text books, but surprisingly, a number of related b-school topics. I have also signed up for some additional fun classes related to voiceovers and pasta-making outside of Haas in addition to planning some fun weekend outings. The lazy days of summer are not so lazy after all….