The past few weeks…

So, I’ve had a really busy and interesting month at Haas and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. But then, I went on this long motorcycle ride with my procrastinating self, and got back from Wonderland only today.

Good memories of the Haas Scotch night organized by HAN SF last week; at least of the first 30 or so minutes. Not sure if I can remember much after that, wink wink. The evening began with an interesting comedy of errors, which involved one of my Haas classmates and me missing the Caltrain first at Lawrence Station, then at Sunnyvale, and finally getting on at Mountain View after a mad rush through South Bay back roads. The event was at the SWIG bar in San Francisco, and boy, was the bar full! It was truly fantastic to see so many students and alumni actively network on a weekday night. But then again, with 150 types of Scotch Whiskey, I wasn’t too surprised! I promise I (was) stopped at 20. Err, 30.

Now I do attend events that don’t just involve “I’alcool” (pardon my French). I, for one, have been interested in the field of clean technology for quite some time. Attending the third Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum a few weeks ago was an amazing experience. Listening to accomplished VCs talk about where the current investments are being made, what types of technologies are in a “bubble” and which ones have true potential was an insightful eye-opener. I doubt I’ve heard a more articulate segmentation of the clean tech market from anyone before.

And then there have been a couple of interesting competitions I’ve participated in. Give my team your best, folks, we’re in the finals of the first Apple Tech Challenge organized by the active and fun Haas Technology Club. I haven’t had so much fun brainstorming ideas in a long time. And tomorrow is the first round submission of the VCIC competition. Talk about an interesting life!

Last night, I had a dream. I was 10 years old. I went up to my Dad and told him, “I want to be an Accountant when I grow up”. What followed next resulted in a call to Child Services in the dream, so I’ll leave the specifics out. Just kidding! Yep my friends, I dream of accounting these days. That’s how much fun and insanely exciting our class on Financial Accounting Analysis is. I still look back at our midterm group paper submission and am amazed that we learned such sophisticated analysis of financial statements in no time. In all honesty, it’s been one of the best classes I’ve taken till date. And guess what, Prof. Udpa has his own facebook fan page!

So there, that’s a quick snapshot of my past few weeks. And yes, James Bond called me yesterday asking if he could get my life.