May we Live in Interesting Times…

This has been one heck of week. The current editors (including yours truly) of the eZine, the Haas EWMBA Magazine, bowed out and the new team of Shadab Nazar (1st year) and Amber Ulrich (2nd year) took charge. We wish them all the best! Incidentally Anlei (our fellow blogger) was one of the editors last year before she ran for office 🙂

eZine is a collection of events/news/announcements of perceived interest to the EWMBA community and a great source (biased opinion) to keep abreast of what’s happening in and around Haas. It was a thrill-ride editing it last year, and I’m gonna miss those tens of hours spent pouring over articles every week 😦

Another event of note that’s happening this Sunday is the kick-off meeting for the incoming EWMBA Association. The Executive team has been busy planning the event with a tonne of help from the Program Office (a big shout out for Beth, our Director of Student Affairs and Dave, our Executive Director for the EWMBA program). The kick-off represents a unique opportunity where all the EWMBAA Committees get together and formalize the annual goals to improve our overall experience at Haas. More on this next week with hopefully some pictures from the kick-off!

With so many things going on it’s easy to forget that I’m enrolled in 11 credits worth of classes this semester. Yeah, unbelievably I’ve made my most intense Academic Semester at Haas till date. With the eZine work ramping down, hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off. It’s good to see Tim every week in the FIA class and I couldn’t agree more with his take on it. I don’t really have a soft-skill class this semester with Competitive Strategy, LBO, Business Law, Risk Modelling rounding off my course-load. But each of the classes has so far provided some cherished memories. One of ’em which bubbles up is our quiz from Business Law from two weeks ago. Each of us had to pick up a question out of a hat and then answer it in front of the class (I think last time I took an exam like this was in high school). Anyway, I got to babble about the landmark case on Brown vs Board of Education, hahaha.

Before I sign off, can’t help but blurb on the Haas@Work engagement, the details of which are perhaps best left for another post. It culminated a few weeks ago with a team presentation in front of the CTO for a $100B HealthCare Conglomerate! That’s the access you get as a Haas student.



Tomorrow is a full day at Haas – yes, I know it will be Sunday, but I am looking forward to an 11 hour non-stop day on campus. I liken it to that good kind of tired that you feel after a triathalon or a grueling workout where you know you’re exhausted and your body (or in this case, brain) can’t stand any more stimulation, but after all is said and done, you feel well-fed, full of what you know is good for you, and you’ll probably feel tired the next day, but it was all worth it.

From 10am to 6pm, I will be attending the first of two weekend sessions of Marketing in Web 2.0: The New Data Revolution taught by Andreas Weigend. What’s on the agenda?
1. Review of the Digital Networked Economy: Underlying principles, consequences and opportunities for truly customer-centric firms
2. The Previous Data Revolution (Web1): Purchase data, click data, etc. Search engines as platforms for monetizing intention data (e.g., Google).
3. User contributed data: Platforms for generating, sharing, and aggregating data, and for crating relationship data by interacting with other users (e.g., Facebook).
4. Economics of Data. Reputation, identity, privacy (trade-offs).

As you can see, it’s going to be a packed day, and the class enrollment is full, so we should have some lively discussion.

After that, I will be going to my first Haas @ Work( ) meeting to learn about the Haas@Work program and our upcoming objectives to help a corporation over the next few months with a special project. It not only helps the company have access to faculty, students, and the latest research, but it offers students an opportunity to learn some insights about the companies who sponsor the program. Past companies who have participated have included Panasonic, SunPower, Disney, Lam Research, and Cisco.

I expect that on Monday morning, I’ll feel a bit like I’ve partied too much and I may be dragging a little, but I know it will all be worthwhile in the end.