Can we MPAR again?

It’s been a full week since my fellow c/o 2013 friends and I returned home from MPAR.  Even though the spring semester is in full swing, I would be remiss not to speak about the awesomeness of the mid-program academic retreat.  The resort was comfortable, the staff was great and the weather was perfect.

First and foremost, a round of high-fives to my outstanding teammates Matt, Purav, Rohit and Sam of Team Erie.  We clinched the victory in Industry 5 of the retreat’s main event, the Capstone simulation.  The simulation ties together lessons from our core classes in an eight-round battle, running a commodities company in a competitive market.  The biggest lesson?  A great management team makes all the difference, but I may be a little biased.

Outside of the sessions, the weekend was for catching up with old friends and networking with classmates we haven’t seen since orientation weekend.  A few highlights include roasting the perfect marshmallow for bonfire s’mores, mastering the art of cup flipping and dice rolling, cramming into the resort’s bar to watch the 49ers take down the Saints, raising a glass with Prof. Schultz and defying physics with the people to golf cart ratio.

A solid weekend of learning and fun.  So, when do we go back?