Hello from Spain!

I am no longer Barcelona-bound…   I’ve finally arrived!  Indeed, I’ve been here for 10 days now and have already completed one full week of M-F, 9-6pm class at ESADE Business School.  Another class with the same schedule starts on Monday.  In addition to these two intensive courses, I’ll be taking three during the regular semester that runs from October to the week of Christmas.My transition has been an easy one so far.  Indeed, I’m better prepared with my Spanish skills than I would have thought I’d be.  The advantages growing up in LA and living in California nearly all of my life.  Additionally, I’ve subletted a room with 2 current ESADE students who are originally from the states.  Couple that with class instruction being in English, it is conceivably possible for me to get by speaking minimal Spanish.  Of course, that would kill n absolutely wonderful opportunity for me to develop my language skills.  Thus, I have purposely been out and about attempting to speak to locals, whether it be at restaurants or just on the streets.

I applaud the EWMBA program for having an exchange program, and for providing this opportunity for me to broaden my education experience.  Although only here for a semester, I can tell I will be opening myself to unforgettable experiences that will be invauable.  Additionally, I will be expanding my network to include people from all over the world..

Assuming my travel plans remain unchanged, and I stay outside of the states through the new year, this will be the longest period of time away from the US since I was three years old.  Indeed, I’ve done very limited international travel, and from the start was looking towards this opportunity to rectify that situation.  Prior to arriving in Barcelona, my fiance and I spent about 10 days traveling through France.  The absolutely unforgettable trip took us through several areas including the Bordeaux region, Lyon, as well as Avignon and Provence.

I’m already checking my calendar for an available weekend to head back, specifically to see Paris and Versailles, which we missed.  I also will try to return to Italy, the only European country I’d been to prior to this month.  Other than those locales, I have nothing set.  So if you have suggestions on where I must go, please suggest away!

Happy New Year

A very warm and Happy New Year to all our readers. While we are officially in vacation, however things are not all quite at Haas. Students are travelling to Brazil and India for the Seminar in International business. They elective is very enlightening and brings a experiential component to the program.

In addition, the second year students will be doing the Mid Program Academic Retreat (MPAR) in a couple of weeks. For the MPAR, all the students go for a extended weekend to Santa Cruz. The class involves bringing our knowledge from all the courses we have taken together and do a business simulation. It will be a exciting time as we not only get to apply our business chops but it is a great place to know and network with classmates.

There is also a class on Business and Public Policy that will be held in Washington DC. There are other trips organized by the various clubs. Finance Club has organized trips to the Wall Street and Hong Kong, for students who want to get a better understanding about careers in Finance.

All in all, while there are no official classes, there are several events in progress to keep a lot of us active.

Cheers … Dutta:)