The second year beckons!

Back to school, as the summer draws to a close,
I reminisce over the first year, and my satisfaction shows,
For twas’ a year of new friends and learning intense,
And new vistas interesting, discovered through the Haas lens.

As I step onto the hallowed steps of our alma mater,
I sense new confidence, and hear conversations smarter.
A renewed excitement ignites the ambient air,
For the second year has renewed the first year’s dare.

Now, it’s not everyday that you see a roomful of adults ecstatic about having woken up bright and early on a Saturday morning after a week of intense work. But that was precisely the sight I was greeted with as I entered the classroom for Corporate Financial Management, the first class of my second year.

This semester, I plan to take Corporate Financial Management (CFM) and Negotiations and Conflict Resolution. Although CFM was an obvious choice for the quant jock/finance enthusiast in me, I’m particularly excited about Negotiations. Having transitioned into a new product management role in my organization, I can clearly see the need for sprucing up my negotiating and conflict resolution skills. And guess what, true to my enthusiasm, I’ve already started on my required reading for the course!

And yes, club activities have already begun. The Haas Tech Challenge this year has VMWare as its primary sponsor, and Amazon and as its platinum and gold sponsors respectively. All you Cloud Computing enthusiasts, fire up your thought engines – the event starts end September!

So here’s to a brand new year, fellow Haasies, one that shall pave new roads for us all!

Annual Haas Picnic

About a week ago, we had our Annual Summer Haas Picnic. This year it was at Tilden Park, thrown by our Social Events Committee. It was a nice afternoon in our typical, moderate, Bay Area weather.
As always, it’s a nice breather in-between semesters to catch up without having to worry about the joys of homework and class readings. That is, unless you’re in Summer school, in which case you’re out of luck.
People funneled in and out throughout the afternoon. And, with the thought of World Cup in the air (nice work, Team U.S.A.– you did well), there were a few rounds of light soccer. More carefree this time around, though we do have our share of competitive sports here at Haas.
The Summer is full of activities still though. There are the aforementioned Summer school
classes, the Semesters in International Business (China earlier, and upcoming Argentina/Chile
trip), and our Admissions Committee planning for our new students Orientation
(which should be entertaining, as always).
As Tony said, hope our new students are ready for a wild, but fun ride. There’s a lot in store for all of you and we’re glad to share in the experience.
– T