Welcome Class of 2011

It was great meeting many of the new admits at the recent Class of 2011 Round 2 Admit Reception. Congratulations to you and Welcome to Haas!

So a number of new admits asked me the same questions, so I thought I would post the FAQ here and the respective responses I had for each.

Here are the top three:

1. What do I need to do to prepare for the fall?
– You need to go have fun NOW! Go see your friends. Spend time with your spouse/partner. Take your kids on a vacation. Do everything you can now to have as much fun as you can. Come fall, you won’t have the same flexibility, and though you’re going to have a blast at Haas and still see your family, there is no time like the present to take full advantage of not having homework/deliverables/group projects etc.

2. What was the hardest class last year?
– IMHO, there was not a single hardest class – that’s all relative and depends on your background and experiences. Students from past years said the third term (out of the four) is the hardest. However, this past year, Leadership was added into the fourth term and being that you’ve already got three classes going the fourth term, adding one more is almost enough to break the camel’s back. However, knowing 240 of your peers are in the same boat means that you are not alone and considering we’re still standing, well, you get it done and look forward to the summer ahead. (Hence another reason to go have fun fun fun now).

3. What happens at Orientation?
– What happens at Orientation stays at Orientation! You’re going to have fun and you’re going to mingle mingle mingle. My best advice for you is to go and meet as many people that are not in your cohort as you can. You’ll see the people in your cohort all of the time. You’ll have fewer opportunities to meet those outside your cohort. It’s one of the few times where everyone needs to be in one place, so take advantage of the situation.